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I am that calm and silent guy. I will the first person you notice when you enter a room. Probably because of my height.However, you will never find me surrounded by a group of people narrating stories. Instead you will find me laughing and listening to stories. When there are no stories, I observe. I will look at you and try to figure out what your story is. I tend to see myself as that shadow in a room where you can’t see it but is still there.

I love watching movies, food, video games, dancing (salsa and kizomba), drawing in pencil, travelling but above all I love writing. I’m very opinionated. Everyone has their own opinion and in here mine is the correct one even if it’s not compatible to yours. Let us agree on that first.

My name is Brian Muguro. I’m a writer, founder and author of, a self-taught pencil artist, graphic designer and  a media student.

Welcome to my world.