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I want you to visualize yourself in this scenario. You have just woken up in your small rental house. You have stepped out of your bed, or rather your mattress since it’s lying on the floor. Yes, you have no bed. You drag your sleepy and lazy body to the stove. You make a fire and prepare tea. In this case, the only tea or coffee you are used to is a steamy mixture of water, Nescafé and a tiny spoon full of sugar.
As you sip your tea slowly without an “escort”, you remember of the sufuria that cooked supper has some leftovers. You grab that cold sufuria, eat the leftovers from it with the same big serving spoon from last night. You masticate your blessed breakfast in silence contemplating on how disastrous your life is.
On the spur of the moment, your thoughts are interrupted by a familiar tone of your phone, followed by a grumpy vibration of your stone-age phone. This piece of deteriorated junk is deprecated in functionality, has negative scrap value but you still use it. You get startled since nobody sends you texts at this morning hour. Without looking at your phone, you place your sufuria silently and tiptoe to the door. Peeping through the key hole you confirm the amazing blessing of the landlord not standing outside your door.
Pheew! What a relief. At least today you won’t have to fake absence from whoever is outside your door, even when you can hear your stomach rumbling with hunger. But who could have sent you that message. You have already wasted two precious minutes and curiosity is eating your up. You decide to quench your curiosity thirst.
Sender: M-PESA
Message: BS49OR201 Confirmed. You have received Ksh 30,000.00 from Kimei Arap Kimei +254712345678 on 10/12/2016 at 11:21 AM. New M-PESA balance is Ksh 30,000.00. Save & get a loan on Mshwari.
You cannot believe your eyes. Who is this Kimei Arap Kimei? Is he probably a distant relative with whom you’ve never heard of? Did you owe someone some money and he decided to pay you back? You replay all possible scenarios in your mind of where the money could have come from and none of them makes sense.
Now, you try to convince yourself that it’s a miracle but then you remember about last Sunday. You did not attend the church service. Your vicious landlord locked your door while you were asleep. Were it not for your best friend who decided to pick your phone call in the evening, you could have died of hunger. He was probably ignoring your calls since each time you call him you are always trying to borrow him money. He agreed to pay the landlord 100 bob to remove the padlock.
In your head, you start drafting a long budget on how to spend that money. No 1 on your expenses list is your 4 month due rent, Mama Mboga who you owe a month supply of sukumawiki and debts from a thousand debtors. An anonymous caller interrupts your thoughts. In your mind you know it is the guy who sent you the 30k by mistake. You feel that you deserve to send the money for the two years you have been out of a job.
Should you return the money or spend it? Does opportunity strike once after all?
Written by: Brian Muguro

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